Thursday, January 10, 2008

-----huh...s0 b0red----

huh----s0 b0red..
t0day are `cut!`!..~awaL muharaM~
"anyway happy new year t0 all"
n0th!ng t0 d0..
even want t0 g0 0ut take ma lunch pun !m very lazy..
s0 unt!ll n0w hmm...5.20pm !m n0t take any lunch yet...
want t0 study??!!!
huh...pe0ple sa!d.."m00d d!dnt c0me yet"..
actually ! just f!n!sh read a n0vel..
t!tle: SURAT UNGU UNTUK NUHA!!! r0mantic and full sadness...
n0th!ng t0 d0 after that
s0 i just `lepak` w!th my lapt0p..
just tap..tap..tap...and tap
lucky...have w!reless...
!f n0t..huh..d!ed---
k la..! g0t t0 g0!
my st0mach !s s!ng!ng..
"m0re....j0m! s!k mauk mkn ka?.."
" lapar tok mek---"

-s0meb0dy gave ME a w0rds-

s0meb0dy cares ab0ut y0u,
s0meb0dy w!shes y0u c0mf0rt t0day,
t0 help y0u,
!n th!s t!me 0f s0rr0w,
s0meb0dy w!shes y0u,
c0urage and fa!th,
t0 gu!de y0u thr0ugh every t0m0rr0w...
s0meb0dy h0pes y0u kn0w,
h0w much y0u mean,
h0w y0u`re thr0ugh 0f with sympathy, t00...
and sends these few w0rds w!th the h0pe,
that !t helps t0 kn0w s0meb0dy cares ab0ut y0u..