Saturday, October 16, 2010


hari ni nak review pasal bb cream
new product from Maybelline
Name of Product: Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals B.B Cream
This B.B Cream is great for people with normal and oily/combination skin in my opinion. It actually enables my complexion to stay matte for a long period of time. Even my T zone area remained oil free after several hours of wear. I really like the formulation of this B.B Cream because it's not oily at all and the cream feels very light on my skin. The product has a watery and non-sticky texture and so it spreads VERY easily making application a very easy task. Plus, it's absorbed into my skin very quickly and I have yet to observe any sliding effects whatsoever.

korang try la..
i got this bb cream for FREEE!!!
1) Brightening Effect: This B.B cream does a really good job of brightening my skin tone. It really add radience to my skin w/o making it look frosty. However, the downside is that the effect is not long lasting. The brightening effect will actually wear off after a couple of hours. I did a mini experiment and found out that the brightening effect can be prolonged by setting the B.B cream with some loose powder/ pressed powder.
2) Coverage: This skin perfector has fairly decent coverage for a B.B cream. It definitely helps to reduce the appearance of redness but it's not so helpful when it comes to covering up pores. If I have to rate its coverage upon 10, I would give it a 7.
3) Moisturising Effect: Definitely not a very moisturising product in my opinion. If you are looking for a B.B cream for a dewy look, then this Maybelline B.B cream is definitely not for you. This product will give you a "matte" glow instead of a dewy shine. I'll definitely advise people with dry skin to apply moisturiser prior ro the B.B Cream.
sebagai pelembap
base make up
uv protection pun ade..
siap ade mineral lagi..
actually before mekap mmg kene letak base...
so bole la dijadikan sebagai collection korang...
harga pun berpatutan..


Penutup entry
nak tengok ape jadi...
jangan lupe tengok esok rancangan REMAJA tau...
agak teruja jugak nak tgk reaction cause this is my 1st time job doing tvc shootiing..
kalau for magazine,cover,make up model, catwalk model,realiti show rasenye takpe kut
but belakon-belakon ni mak 1st time ko....
so jangan gelak tau..
nak gelak pegi jauh----jauh.....
ok nite...