Saturday, January 26, 2008


I'm scared to write my feelings,alll so clear and true and at night, I realize,that they all centre around you.
I keep getting lost,falling into this trance,wondering what it would have took,for you take that chance.
You saw it but ignored it,you chose to go away,you left it all behind,with out a word to say and now you lie there cold. Beyond a dormant sleep as I lie here and cry and fall in too deep. All I have is a picture some memories to hold dear but it's just not enough because I can't feel you near.You meant so much to me, my words could never say, like I can't describe this feeling. That just won't go away.I miss you quite terribly. I really do,It doesn't feel like living,breathing with out you.I need to feel you close because it's been so long, need to feel you here, but you're lost, you're gone.

2 lewd c0mments:

meinurie said...

this the best tips when u feel sad so strong..

-Go to toilet, take some water on followed:
1-Wash ur face..all over..
2-Hand..wash untill elbow
3-Ur head..atlest 3 helai rambut basah
4-Dont 4get ur ear..carefully..nnt masuk air..dengar gegendang nnt..hehe
5-Last but not least, kaki..

Take the quran, Holy Book in any surah u want..sekeping pon jadi la..

Pray to Allah..who's created this world..created all of human..mntak bless from sang pencipta..mntk avoid us from things that can be broke in our live..k..try this..i'll makesure la ur problem can settle immdtely..

~diaNe~ said...

thanks to much for the tips...
thanks k...
i appreciate it...