Tuesday, February 12, 2008

what FRIEND meant to me

The true meaning of a friendship?
What does it mean to me?
Well, to me it means someone you can come to if you have a problem with someone or something.
Someone you don't have to hide things from. Someone thats just right there beside you when you need them. Someone that you can always count on to be there.
Someone that makes you laugh like crazy.
Someone that you can have fun with.
How can I call someone a true friend?..
They don't start rumors about me or anybody else that I'm close with
They don't complain when you come to them for a problem
They are there when you are going through a hardship comforting you
They don't blow you off for some lame reason
They understand when you don't want to go out
They understand that you're not perfect
They actually listen to what you have to say
They can come to you about anything
Thats what the meaning of a true friend and how you can call someone a true friend to me
(bottom of ma heart) frienship is like a glass....

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~anis~ said...

amboi...plagiat???cam pernah bc jerr kt tmpt lain