Tuesday, February 12, 2008

VALENTINE necessary or unnecessary

Love me without fear
Trust me without questioning
Need me without demanding
Want me without restrictions
Accept me without change
Desire me without inhibitions

what FRIEND meant to me

The true meaning of a friendship?
What does it mean to me?
Well, to me it means someone you can come to if you have a problem with someone or something.
Someone you don't have to hide things from. Someone thats just right there beside you when you need them. Someone that you can always count on to be there.
Someone that makes you laugh like crazy.
Someone that you can have fun with.
How can I call someone a true friend?..
They don't start rumors about me or anybody else that I'm close with
They don't complain when you come to them for a problem
They are there when you are going through a hardship comforting you
They don't blow you off for some lame reason
They understand when you don't want to go out
They understand that you're not perfect
They actually listen to what you have to say
They can come to you about anything
Thats what the meaning of a true friend and how you can call someone a true friend to me
(bottom of ma heart) frienship is like a glass....

find urself the truth FRIEND are..

There is no greater blessing than an understanding friend, who's there in times of trouble and on whom we can depend. A friend who knows our every mood .And brightens cloudy days, One who's slow to criticize But quick to offer praise. There is no greater blessing than a friend who always cares, One who will remember us in daily thoughts and prayers.

Someone told me that..A true friend is someone you can trust with your life . Someone you can talk to , Someone you can believe in. A true friend never let's you down. This day and time there are very few true friends everybody is out for them selfs.its dat true? can we find the FRIEND is...A true friend is someone you can rely on in terms of good and bad, will keep secrets and will not betray you. Those who will be there supporting you when you really need one. When you just need a listener, they always there for you 24hrs, no matter what. When you have problems, big problems, your true friend will be there helping you to solved and not run away.

Find ursef...did we need FRIEND???...if YES make that in rite way..if the answer is NO face this worlg ursef...if u can...

true meaning of FRIENDship

I have a friend who are so fine
Sometimes, they acts so sublime
they keeps me laughing when I'm down
And always turns my frown upside down
But when my friend is feeling sad
I wish there was something to make them glad
But all I can give them is our beautiful friendship
Just hoping they will accept it...