Thursday, January 24, 2008


Your sex appeal becomes more powerful than ever throughout 2007; you'll turn heads wherever you go. The greatest challenge will be trying to discern between lust and love. At times your desires will be so strong that they'll cloud your emotions. If you're in a committed relationship your sex life could undergo a blissful transformation thanks to therapy, medication or free-spirited exploration. After September 2nd you'll want to take a playful fling to the next level. The last four months of the year may increase your determination to settle down or have a child. Looking for a good time to get engaged or married? The weekend of November 9th is ideal.

GEMINI - Not A Match Made In Heaven
Taurus is well advised to keep a cool head when he/she first meets the Geminian, as Taurus could be swept up in the excitement that is wonderful at the time, but does not last overly long, and the danger here is mistaking a wild infatuation for true love. Gemini is a charming individual, but much to caught up in a hectic social life to worry over much about domestic affairs.If the Taurus expects to keep this one for long, he or she must work hard at it, as Gemini wants a person who can share his or her interests and social activities and will not settle for a domestic type. If Gemini is male he will want a woman who is an excellent hostess which Taurus is) and someone who will share all his interests.If Taurus tries to curb the Geminis tendency to flirt, the fights and the cries of "you don't understand me" starts. An extra bond to the ones that are tied so loosely already could be the simple fact of Gemini recognizing the Taurus' strength, and seeking shelter there when the world becomes too much for him/her.Their sex life is gradually affected by the Gemini moods which are very changeable, being the twins this is his/her natural way, and having him/her as the playful, mischievous little kid one minute, and the next minute he/she will turn basic and animalistic in his/her sexual appetites. The typical Taurus reaction to this action could drive him/her into someone elses bed. Gemini enjoys spice in his/her life, and if it is not found at home, then Gemini will look elsewhere. Not a match made in Heaven.
How do you see Gemini? It doesn't take long to realize the importance of mental stimulation to this person. But you wonder if this social butterfly can give you the security you cherish.
How does your Gemini partner see you? Gemini wonders if all that down-to-earth practicality could be a little too much to cope with. This person needs to have lots of fun and variety in their life.
How to make things better: Try to make Gemini sit still long enough to listen to all your wonderful plans for the future. And make sure you keep up-to-date with what is going on in the world so that Gemini never gets bored.

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