Thursday, January 24, 2008


Dress Slimmer,
Look Thinner!
By Carolina Diaz-BordoneDiets Staff Writer

Here are a few basic fashion tactics you can use to look better and boost your confidence and body:

1. Wear solid fabrics: Wearing one color from head to toe is more slimming.

2. Wear vertical lines: The longer the vertical line of the outfit, the more flattering it will be.

3. Stick to dark colors: Darker, duller and cooler colors are generally more slimming than lighter neutrals. Compare different shades and see what best complements your natural skin.

4. Wear a double-breasted jacket: A double-breasted jacket will make you look thinner than wearing a single-breasted jacket. Choose a well-fitted version. Loose jackets tend to add bulk, and never wear a jacket longer than ankle length.

5. Choose pleated pants: The pleats help conceal your stomach area — make sure they lie flat.

6. Wear high heels: The higher the better. This will help you appear taller and thinner. If you don’t like high heels, then choose a low-heeled shoe that is cut low on the instep.

7. Accessorize: Wearing a scarf, necklace, earrings or choker takes the concentration off the body.

8. Tight is not always right: Clothes that cling can make you look heavier. Clothes that slightly contour your body give you a slim look.

9. Choose v-necklines: They make you look leaner and longer.

10. Always have confidence: The way you feel in your clothes is very important. Your attitude reflects the way people react to what you are wearing.

If you feel like a million bucks, then chances are you look like it too!

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