Wednesday, January 30, 2008


i have more thing t0 tell..
but im busy...
wait untill i finish all k..

Saturday, January 26, 2008




What girl want may surprise you. At least once a day, as a dating coach and a columnist. I get an email from a somebody somewhere begging for an answer to this most frequently asked question by men: "What do girl want?"
The question of what girl want comes from a genuine confusion in many men. What most people already know is that men and girl think in very different ways. And how those different thinking patterns are demonstrated gets some couples in trouble. Men like action activities; girl like to sit and talk. When you are planning a date, if you want to please her, try and combine both such as lunch and a walk in the park. Another example of the different ways men and girl think is that men perceive working long days and even on weekends as a way to show their success or love. Girl, however, may see that behavior as neglect. There are many other examples where men and girl get their signals crossed.

If you have ever been at a loss for understanding what girl want, here is a five point guide that i give truth coz im also a girl:

1. Being Number One
All girl want to be Number One. Just ask Cinderella, Cleopatra, or any other well-known female icon. They want to know that they come first in a man’s order of priorities. They want to feel that their boyfriend or husband will choose them over every other activity or relationship. If your girl knows this, she won’t mind when your mother, child, friend, or co-worker calls and asks for help. What she won’t understand is if you have dinner with your Ex on occasion, or drop your plans with her and go have date with the guys instead, or, never take time to ask about her day because you watch the sports channel every minute you are at home. Being Number One is the Number One desire of most girl.

2. Keeping Your Word
Girl want a man who keeps his his relationships, his work, and in all aspects of life. If you promised her the world (Disney World, that is) then you'd better give it to her. If you don't do what you will say you will, she won't trust you. Without trust, your relationship doesn't mean anything. Keep your agreements. If you can’t, tell her so (preferably, beforehand) and tell her how you plan to rectify it. More importantly, don’t make promises you can’t keep.

3. Listening
Girl want a man who listens. I know you are tired of hearing about this one, but it is central to a relationship. She wants to be heard. Listen to her. Apparently, this is difficult for most men to do. Sitting down and talking is not something you are naturally wired for. But you can learn. Further, it’s impossible to have intimate or important conversations. If your girl is trying to talk to you, handle any emergencies, turn off the cell phone and TV, and give her your full attention. If you do, you will make her feel that she matters.

4. Believing Her
Girl want to be believed by men. Men tend to be (or think they are) more analytical than girl. Therefore, when she speaks, and is trying to tell you something important, you may have a tendency to dismiss it. If you know how to balance your brain with your heart, and listen with kindness, you will find that what she has to say is relevant to your life with her. If you are with someone you don’t trust, then her words will have no affect on you. (And you should be asking yourself why you are there.) But if you love and trust her—then believe her.

5. Doing What She Asks
Girl want you to do what they ask at crucial times. She doesn't expect you to "fix" everything, but there are times when her requests call for action. I know, I know—some of you are probably smirking by now. But if you implement what she says, you will have an extremely happy partner. This statement assumes that you are with a good person; that she is rational most of the time; that she does not ask the impossible or the ridiculous of you; and that she is equally giving. Some men find this hard to do because they feel that to do this, they are being a wimp. Believe me, she wants you to have backbone. And there is every opportunity in all parts of your life to exercise that quality. She isn't asking for you to give up anything. She is asking to be heard and cared about. If you trust her character and if she tells the truth…do what she asks.
Go on and try these suggestions. If you are with a happy lady…you are going to be a happy man.

This is what girl want and what girl need either in relation who anything else..


Feeling your love caress my heart
Feeling your light touch my soul
Feeling like the golden sun
Feeling the way you move me
Feeling your mind touch my life
Knowing I can't lose you
For you are my life, heart, and soul
Forever I am yours


I'm scared to write my feelings,alll so clear and true and at night, I realize,that they all centre around you.
I keep getting lost,falling into this trance,wondering what it would have took,for you take that chance.
You saw it but ignored it,you chose to go away,you left it all behind,with out a word to say and now you lie there cold. Beyond a dormant sleep as I lie here and cry and fall in too deep. All I have is a picture some memories to hold dear but it's just not enough because I can't feel you near.You meant so much to me, my words could never say, like I can't describe this feeling. That just won't go away.I miss you quite terribly. I really do,It doesn't feel like living,breathing with out you.I need to feel you close because it's been so long, need to feel you here, but you're lost, you're gone.


Hows much value the words "abg" for you...
hows meant that for you...
suitable for all??
useful for everyone??
think it..
dun ask..
i didn't want the answer..
just want y0u t0 conclude ursef...


yesterday i go t0 Batu Pahat with m0re...send Ju ma rumate she want go back home..Melake(town 0f history)...eee bestnye...sik sabar mauk balit!!! after that i go t0 PERODUA t0 service ma car...while ! have t0 wait f0r ma car for 2 hours better ! ask m0re t0 ''lepak'' at BP MALL>>>

hehe...what else..take advantage t0 wash eyes...SHOPING>>>>>

take lunch tea at Rengit..

~blueberry cheesecake~

~brownies chocolate cake~

~ meet spagetthi ~ walla....


~ vanilla milk shake diana & cappucino m0re`yum~

haha...both 0f us are "king in eating''...after that start worried bout weight...hehe...tarak guna!!! after that we g0 to upstairs...m0re see at me..and i see her back..." more...SALE!!!!!" hee..~bring back 7 helai baju~ crazy gal...its coz of m0reyum la..."cantik m0re?" cantik diana"beli..beli....~

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Of all things that grow, I’ve come to know,
A rose is most perfect of all;
Explain then to me, how perfection can be,
When you’re not a rose at all?

We long for the roses, as slowly it grows,
So longed I for your caress;
And now you’re my shoulder, you’re part of my life,
I know not why I am so blessed.

A rose fills the room, as it starts to bloom,
With splendor, and beauty, and grace;
Such fullness I’ve found when ‘er you’re around
I melt from your tender embrace.

A rose is a rose and every one knows,
Another can never it be;
So too my love, whose given his life,
To care for me and my soul.


Your sex appeal becomes more powerful than ever throughout 2007; you'll turn heads wherever you go. The greatest challenge will be trying to discern between lust and love. At times your desires will be so strong that they'll cloud your emotions. If you're in a committed relationship your sex life could undergo a blissful transformation thanks to therapy, medication or free-spirited exploration. After September 2nd you'll want to take a playful fling to the next level. The last four months of the year may increase your determination to settle down or have a child. Looking for a good time to get engaged or married? The weekend of November 9th is ideal.

GEMINI - Not A Match Made In Heaven
Taurus is well advised to keep a cool head when he/she first meets the Geminian, as Taurus could be swept up in the excitement that is wonderful at the time, but does not last overly long, and the danger here is mistaking a wild infatuation for true love. Gemini is a charming individual, but much to caught up in a hectic social life to worry over much about domestic affairs.If the Taurus expects to keep this one for long, he or she must work hard at it, as Gemini wants a person who can share his or her interests and social activities and will not settle for a domestic type. If Gemini is male he will want a woman who is an excellent hostess which Taurus is) and someone who will share all his interests.If Taurus tries to curb the Geminis tendency to flirt, the fights and the cries of "you don't understand me" starts. An extra bond to the ones that are tied so loosely already could be the simple fact of Gemini recognizing the Taurus' strength, and seeking shelter there when the world becomes too much for him/her.Their sex life is gradually affected by the Gemini moods which are very changeable, being the twins this is his/her natural way, and having him/her as the playful, mischievous little kid one minute, and the next minute he/she will turn basic and animalistic in his/her sexual appetites. The typical Taurus reaction to this action could drive him/her into someone elses bed. Gemini enjoys spice in his/her life, and if it is not found at home, then Gemini will look elsewhere. Not a match made in Heaven.
How do you see Gemini? It doesn't take long to realize the importance of mental stimulation to this person. But you wonder if this social butterfly can give you the security you cherish.
How does your Gemini partner see you? Gemini wonders if all that down-to-earth practicality could be a little too much to cope with. This person needs to have lots of fun and variety in their life.
How to make things better: Try to make Gemini sit still long enough to listen to all your wonderful plans for the future. And make sure you keep up-to-date with what is going on in the world so that Gemini never gets bored.

P/S: is dat true? can trust? dunt make this blur your mine..just for fun..


MOTHER of the late Tan Sri Megat Junid Megat Ayub sprinkling rose water on her son's grave. Megat Junid, 65, succumbed to cancer at 5.25 am today at the Pantai Medical Centre, Bangsar. NST PIX by Zunnur Al-Sahfiq.
Megat Junid laid to rest at Bukit Kiara Cemetery
Former Domestic Trade And Consumer Affairs Minister Tan Sri Megat Junid Megat Ayob was laid to rest at the Bukit Kiara Muslim cemetery here today, attended by about 500 people.

P/S : Alms him Al-Fatihah....(kite yang hidup harus teruskan hidup..masa untuk kita akan tiba..yang pergi tetap pergi..moga yang berlaku diinsafi supaya tidak menyesal kemudian hari)


MISTERI TERJAWAB: Lembu ditinggalkan dalam kereta Proton Wira selepas cubaan beberapa lelaki mencuri haiwan itu digagalkan penduduk Kampung Pondok Labu, Kulim, malam kelmarin.
P/S :what a nonsence...who are doing this are stupid sky and earth...nothing t0 do..stupid?!!!


s0 b0red.
more and anis are sleeping...
how come now i feel passion in "eat meng"eating..
"m0re wake up"
j0m secret recipe...


Dress Slimmer,
Look Thinner!
By Carolina Diaz-BordoneDiets Staff Writer

Here are a few basic fashion tactics you can use to look better and boost your confidence and body:

1. Wear solid fabrics: Wearing one color from head to toe is more slimming.

2. Wear vertical lines: The longer the vertical line of the outfit, the more flattering it will be.

3. Stick to dark colors: Darker, duller and cooler colors are generally more slimming than lighter neutrals. Compare different shades and see what best complements your natural skin.

4. Wear a double-breasted jacket: A double-breasted jacket will make you look thinner than wearing a single-breasted jacket. Choose a well-fitted version. Loose jackets tend to add bulk, and never wear a jacket longer than ankle length.

5. Choose pleated pants: The pleats help conceal your stomach area — make sure they lie flat.

6. Wear high heels: The higher the better. This will help you appear taller and thinner. If you don’t like high heels, then choose a low-heeled shoe that is cut low on the instep.

7. Accessorize: Wearing a scarf, necklace, earrings or choker takes the concentration off the body.

8. Tight is not always right: Clothes that cling can make you look heavier. Clothes that slightly contour your body give you a slim look.

9. Choose v-necklines: They make you look leaner and longer.

10. Always have confidence: The way you feel in your clothes is very important. Your attitude reflects the way people react to what you are wearing.

If you feel like a million bucks, then chances are you look like it too!


This happened when im and ma roomate take brekfast at AL AZHAR the restaurant that open 25 hours. suddenly i saw a cat was reading a newspaper...what a clever cat...(mesti kucing terlatih nie...) 21st century....what a weird thing can can read a news...huhss.....weird....make me scare t0 think what happen in the 20 years later...


p00r m0re`yum..
plz pray for her...
she have --!ns0mn!a--
h0pe she can surv!ve
~m0re`yum we always w!t you~


P/S : thanks t0 ma rumate c0z teach me h0w t0 play.


Tahukah anda bahawa muka kita akan nampak tak bermaya dan boleh nampak lebih tua dengan adanya wrinkles pada muka kita akibat kita tak guna make up remover?
Ramai yang sangkakan takde make up remover pun takpe, asalkan cuci muka.
Tapi semua ni S.A = SA, L.A.H = LAH.
Salah~!! Caranya, sebelum korang cuci muka korang dengan cleanser foam yang korang selalu guna, korang mesti bersihkan muka korang dengan make up remover dulu.
Cuci la cam biasa. Kalau guna skin food Seaweed Cleansing Cream ni, korang ambik sket, guna satu jari korang. Pastu campur la sket dengan air. Then, sapukan pada muka korang. Cuci la muka korang ala-ala cuci guna cleanser foam. Dah selesai semua, baru korang cuci muka korang macam biasa guna cleansing foam korang.


what a interesting novel~read this...
cinta itu, jatuh dari langit atau dari hati?~diana
inilah...sebuah kisah percintaan;perjalanan bersama masa;
perjalanan cerita aA+bB.
semua orang belajar,semua orang membesar;
tetapi tidak semua orang menjadi dewasa.
selagi hidup bersama masa.
maka selagi itu dewasa bersama usia.
cerita cinta Addin dan Benz,
tidak semudah aA+bB = Aman Bahgia.
Ini kerana sejarah mereka bermula lebih awal dari itu.
Mereka saling membenci,saling memdendam dan saling membisu...




C = caring
U = understand
T =trusting

A =appreciate
P =positive thinking
P =
L =listening
E =empathy

A =appraise

help me...what woman need to be..what man need to be..

-- problem solved --

alhamdullilah...problem solved..
actually Allah test us because dont want us t0 forget Him...
d0nt want us t0 incauti0us...
want us t0 near with Him..
m0re test we get..make us m0re near with Him..
thanks Allah...


2 and 3 days ago ..
many problems many kind of bad thing happen..
( maybe Allah nak uji..)
make me feel homesick..
you always give me support..
hugs me to release that... at perantauan..
not the new thing for me...
face it galz..
every of them beside you..

vanilla + biscuit oreo


suddenly at 2.47am..
vanilla + biscuit oreo..
feeling like want t0 eat them..

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This is the way you left me,
I'm not pretending.
No hope, no love, no glory,
No Happy Ending.
Wake up in the morning,
stumble on my life
Can't get no love without sacrifice
If anything should happen,
I guess I wish you well
A little bit of heaven,
but a little bit of hell
This is the hardest story that I've ever told
No hope, or love, or glory
Happy endings gone forever more I feel as if I'm wastin'
And I'm wastin' everyday
This is the way you left me,
I'm not pretending.
No hope, no love, no glory,
No Happy Ending.
This is the way that we love,
Like it's forever.
Then live the rest of our life,
But not together.
2 o'clock in the morning,
something's on my mind
Can't get no rest;
keep walkin' around
If I pretend that nothin' ever went wrong,
I can get to my sleep
I can think that we just carried on
This is the hardest story that I've ever told
No hope, or love, or glory
Happy endings gone forever more
I feel as if I'm wastin'
And I'm wastin' everyday
This is the way you left me,
I'm not pretending.
No hope, no love, no glory,
No Happy Ending.
This is the way that we love,
Like it's forever.
Then live the rest of our life,
But not together.
A Little bit of love, little bit of love
Little bit of love, little bit of love
I feel as if I'm wastin'
And I'm wastin' everyday
Hey Hey Hey HEY!
This is the way you left me,
I'm not pretending.
No hope, no love, no glory,
No Happy Ending.
This is the way that we love,
Like it's forever.
To live the rest of our life,
But not together.
This is the way you left me,
im not pretending.
No hope, no love, no glory,
No Happy Ending.
This is the way that we love,
Like it's forever.
To live the rest of our life,
But not together.
This is the way you left me,
I'm not pretending.
No hope, no love, no glory,
No Happy Ending.

--h0w c0me h0w ! want--

what a difficult feeling..
what a n0nsence feel..
what the hell talking...taste..
im doing ma best...
im doing a lot..
i give everything...
its n0t even a piece ma kindliness..
what the hell all of that...
how come im in this situation...
make me crazy...
st0p doing n0nsence galz..

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

* intan`s misuse *

haha...just now intan want t0 sleep..
s0 she said t0 me..
ngn muke selamber...~~~
"g00d luck diana.."
"ehh..g00d luck plak..."
intan pun ngn poyonye terus tutup muke...
scared im men"laugh''kannye..

Monday, January 21, 2008

~ the sad day of ma l0vely fren ~

sorry t0 hear..
we all with y0u k...
strength ur spirit...
---al fatihah t0 more`yum's grandpa----

~ more word from Mr Azmi the warrior ~

Mr Azmi teach us techncal writing..
he also had a PHD in meng'polite'kan bahase..
(hope my blog did not incur 'gam' by sir)
that day he teach us a word ---susunable--
had heard that??~~
only us the student FKAAS..(dun pronounce it in American slang okey) know that..

and today...
Mr Azmi give us 1 more word...
what the hell..(this phrase also by Mr Azmi)...
huuhhh...its can make my english get A1...
poor im not see him early..
how come...
if not im the best student who can speek english s0 pr0ud..
anyway thanks sir...

~ never say never ~

This is the way you left me,
I'm not pretending.
No hope, no love, no glory,
No Happy Ending.
This is the way that we love,
Like it's forever.
Then live the rest of our life,
But not together.
by Mika


This is the way you left me,
I'm not pretending.
No hope, no love, no glory,
No Happy Ending.
This is the way that we love,
Like it's forever.
Then live the rest of our life,
But not together.
by Mika

Thursday, January 17, 2008

~ learn from mistake dear ~

t0nite we had math`s class..
actually Mr Lee want to give us a quiz..
but suddenly he said the quiz is postpone....
can study m0re...
kn0w what??
we study b0ut chapter 2..mult!ple intergals...
Mr lee was write s0meth!ng at fr0nt..
he write s0 fast...suddenly m0re`yum sh0ut..
s0 he up that paper up...
" sir....can y0u g0 upstair??"~~~~~~
all in the class gape...haaaaa....
all of us laugh....
actually she want t0 say...
~plz m0ve the paper up ....~
always misuse words...
ask Mr Azmi teach y0u b0ut th!s....
s!r...plz help ma fren....
dun angry m0re...
! s0ld y0u yet.....

- huhhh -

hmmm....start being buzy..
cann0t make 24 h0urs t0 create n0ncense here...
in l!fe n0t anyt!me we feel happy r!ght...
s0metimes we just make that m!stakes...
but n0b0dy see the!r m!istake by the!rsef...
thats the fact...
why ar..why....????~~~~!!!
maybe ! also 0r always d0!ng that..
always make pe0ple feel!ng bad...
---talk!ng t0 heart--
only me kn0w wh0 am !..
have y0u kn0w.......................................................................................................
did y0u th!nk.........................................................................
h0w dare u.......................................
that what my feel!ng................................
keep!ng and always...
actually hard t0 talk ab0ut feel!ng.....
s0 let me be me....

Monday, January 14, 2008

-- tears --

quiet is the best solution for everything...
make people easy with y0ur s!tuat!0n f!rst
before you want t0 make y0urself c0mfortable....
thats the !mportant th!ng when y0ur live ar0und "pe0ple".
navigate the pe0ple feel!ng 1st...
y0u are only the pers0n that kn0w y0urself better..
s0 eventh0ugh happened y0u can persuade y0urself..
but pe0ple feel!ng??!!!
can y0u handle????
s0 try t0 make them get the greatest feel!ng 1st..
let be the best ar0und them either the w0rse c0uple..
which just make pe0ple hard when y0u with them...
which make them keep always thinking t0 solve y0ur mien..
what a damn 0f y0u...
always make tr0uble t0 s0meb0dy feel!ng...
th!nk that " " give the best for y0u..
but what y0u give t0 tell that y0u are appreciate that..
what a n0nsense girl are y0u....
hush y0urself...

_ what a misuse words_

t0day we had class with Mr azmi..] techn!cal wr!t!ng[ ..
the best subject that ! ever know..
flatter errkkk....
Mr azmi t0ld us ab0ut h0w to make a research proposal ...
suddenly one of the techn!cian came int0 our class c0z have s0me pr0blem...
s0 more`yum and an!s make a n0nsense joke...
(!s said that the technician came just because t0 see m0re`yum....)
after that...
Mr azm! had say a words " quote" where its mean --pet!k---
s0 m0re`yum sm!le at me and start t0 m!suse that w0rd....
" diana..! want t0 quote the green apple..." said m0re1yum...
hahaha.... me and an!s laugh when heard m0re`yum try!ng t0 misuse that w0rd..
more`yum...m0re`yum can't y0u be seri0us f0r 1 day..
but ! kn0w...! can`t live with0ut them...l0ve y0u b0th...
haa...guys..0ne m0re th!ng bef0re ! f0rgot...
d!d y0u guys remember whats the we!rd "w0rd" that Mr Azm! m!suse th!s m0rning...
tuuutttt.......an0ther w0rd beh!nd ---facts---
hehe...[s0rry s!r]...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

~ n!te~ bad th!ng happened ~

last n!te..
at 3.32am know what happened?
scared st0ry....
!ts n0t a dream but !ts happened..
that t!me i want t0 f!n!sh my a`ment...al0ne...
c0z m0re`yum already slept...
s0 just me...
suddenly...! ! heard s0meth!ng we!rd...
s0meth!ng imp0s!ble...
have s0meb0dy upsta!r, l!ke pull ed the!r heavy furniture...
(seram la jugak..but ! c0ntrol !t....)
hmm...s0 ! was th!nk!ng wh0 are make a rearrange the!r furn!ture at 4am...???!!!r!ght...
! keep read any ayat Quran that ! kn0w...
" be pos!t!ve la d!ana...~ bermonolog....
but the more ! feel!ng scared, !ts s0und the m0re often...
hmmm.....!ts that real or what...???!!!
! d0nt want t0 ask pe0ple upsta!r....
let !t be a secret ....afra!d !ts n0t a human be!ng....
....beg cross angel 44...

~p00r lapt0p~

6.45 am

th!s m0rn!ng ! wake up early, s0 usually the 1st th!ng ! do....
! sw!tch 0n my lapt0p....c0mpuls0ry..hehe..
"alamak.pasa! pa??!!!...shock..
"my lapt0p cann0t open..".....blurrr
"need t0 update the vista..inval!d..."..!!!@@###$$$$
pan!c..because t0 muchan a`ment t0 d0 but th!s t!me my laptop cann0t 0pen....
mr Azm! ass!gment....alamak!!!! need t0 pass up th!s m0nday....
call my bf....
" laptop cann0t 0n....~
"...hmm...why? try 0ff and 0pen aga!n syg...~
"cannot...!ts need a key passw0rd for the ser!es...what type 0f key ! d0nt know...~
"...l00k syg...!f !ts st!ll cann0t just br!ng y0ur lapt0p t0 c0mputer serv!ces...try t0 solve the pr0blem..~
"small problem syg..just need t0 update y0ur v!sta only..~

"y0u d0nt have the key f0r the ser!es r!ght...ask them t0 s0lve k...~
"...hmm..ok abg..! br!ing !t later..daa~

after ! send my lapt0p for serv!ce and need t0 be 0perate...
! br!ng m0re`yum get lunch at JENTAYU...
just both 0f us..c0z the others n0t g0!ng back yet from `kampung`
we eat t0gether...after that ! see s0mebody dr!nk `a!r kelapa` wh!ch !ts st!ll !n the buah kelapa...
( ! d0nt kn0w you guys understand 0r not what ! mean..hehe)
"m0re...sdp nya, mik mauk jgk bah...~
" mauk kah? jap mik order ya...~
s0 ! dr!nk l!mau !ce and ~a!r kelapa for lunch...

9.40 pm...
(eat f0r al!ve 0r al!ve f0r eat???!!!...d0nt kn0w just clap y0ur chest and ask y0ur appet!te...)
t!me for d!nner..
! and m0re eat at GAZEEBO....
guys..d!d y0u all try already eat at GAZEEBO or n0t...????
try la..all the!r!!!

*nas! put!h
*tomyam campur
*ayam msk kuny!t
*telur dadar
*sayur ka!lan !kan mas!n

hehe..what a b!g appet!te 0f us...
as usually..f!n!sh all...haha..
........after that b0th 0f us start w0rr!ed b0ut 0ur we!ght...!!!! 1kg la...aduh!!!!

s0 t0n!te ! b0rr0w m0re`yum's lapt0p t0 f!n!sh my ass!gnment..
lucky...! have fr!end l!ke m0re'yum...
she`s the best ! ever kn0w...muaahh for m0re... ----<@

k guys...see ya...want t0 start d0!ng my a`ment....

Friday, January 11, 2008

-h0w a day make me crazy-

huhs...what a b0red day.n0th!ng t0 d0 even a`ment `belambak` t0 d0...
t0day fr!day...d0nt have class!!!
t0m0rr0w leave after t0m0rr0w also leave..
arghhh...make me crazy ter`marinade` !n r00m w!th m0re`yum...
0thers fr!end g0!ng back! '',(
just 0nly us ( "ordinary"la...l!fe as foreigner..)ishkk..iskhhh..
m!ss mum........

&&&"kas!hnya ayah...sanggup tak berpisah dan kasihnya ayah sggup berkorban" ....&&&
~"m0re....handph0ne k!tak buny! t0k..."~
~"wa!t...wa!t..."~sa!d m0re`yum

mr azm! gve an a`ment but d0nt kn0w h0w t0 start..
but ! try my best la t0 f!nd !t..
wa!t ya mr Azm!...hmm..als0 thanks f0r the !nformat!0n just n0w..

mr Lee als0 want to make qu!z th!s m0nday,r!ght...
math 3..haha..what are fav0ur!te part..
k la guys...want t0 start make my a`ment see y0u later
!f ! be!ng `blur `!n d0!ng my math exerc!se k...

-cT c0m!ng bacK-


forg0t t0 st0ry...

ct already back---from mekah..

so n0w she is --dat0` hajah s!t! nurhal!za bt tarud!n--

pray for her happ!nest..

!snt she look great wear!ng a tudung???.


s0 ct..make ur self c0mfortable w!th what ur d0!ng..

dunt w0rr!ed w!th what pe0ple sa!d b0ut you..

let them talk!ng...keep !t n0nsence!!

b0ut 0nly you and Allah kn0w what you d0!ng..

make what pe0ple talk!ng b0ut you as challenge f0r you t0 success...

k !`ll always be w!th you...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

-----huh...s0 b0red----

huh----s0 b0red..
t0day are `cut!`!..~awaL muharaM~
"anyway happy new year t0 all"
n0th!ng t0 d0..
even want t0 g0 0ut take ma lunch pun !m very lazy..
s0 unt!ll n0w hmm...5.20pm !m n0t take any lunch yet...
want t0 study??!!!
huh...pe0ple sa!d.."m00d d!dnt c0me yet"..
actually ! just f!n!sh read a n0vel..
t!tle: SURAT UNGU UNTUK NUHA!!! r0mantic and full sadness...
n0th!ng t0 d0 after that
s0 i just `lepak` w!th my lapt0p..
just tap..tap..tap...and tap
lucky...have w!reless...
!f n0t..huh..d!ed---
k la..! g0t t0 g0!
my st0mach !s s!ng!ng..
"m0re....j0m! s!k mauk mkn ka?.."
" lapar tok mek---"

-s0meb0dy gave ME a w0rds-

s0meb0dy cares ab0ut y0u,
s0meb0dy w!shes y0u c0mf0rt t0day,
t0 help y0u,
!n th!s t!me 0f s0rr0w,
s0meb0dy w!shes y0u,
c0urage and fa!th,
t0 gu!de y0u thr0ugh every t0m0rr0w...
s0meb0dy h0pes y0u kn0w,
h0w much y0u mean,
h0w y0u`re thr0ugh 0f with sympathy, t00...
and sends these few w0rds w!th the h0pe,
that !t helps t0 kn0w s0meb0dy cares ab0ut y0u..

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

- m0re`yuM n an!s-

''we always be beside you
until the very end
wiping all your tears away
being your best friend
we`ll smile when you smile
and feel all the pain you do
and if you cry a single tears
we`ll promise we cry too.. ''
said an!s and M0re...

i know they can be the best for me...thanks m0re`yum and aN!s for everything..
thanks for make my l!fe full of b0th 0f l0Ve..thanks f0r be!ng h0nest..

Monday, January 7, 2008

-creaTe mY 1sT bLog-

create my 1sT blog? hows fEEL??...gReaT!!! i l0ve to mAke pe0ple know mY feeL!ng...teEL!ng b0ut eveRth!ng b0ut mE in TheRE..sHarE wiTh evERybody...i l0Ve t0 wriTE in thiS blog, neeD f0r bE!ng HappY wHEN sAd? wriTE !N y0ur bloG..fEELinG grEatEst l!ke me!! tELL!ng wHat hAppEn bAd FeeLing 0r tHE bEst onE, l!fE n0t aLwayS PINK but buT sH0w musT sT!LL go 0n anD tHEres n0 waYs ouT, whErever iM FEEL!ng d0Wn oR uP,REmEMbER tHAt th!ng hAppEn wiTh reAs0N... inTerestiNG right!! kn0w!ng me iN my CarpET..i ApprEciAtE thAT..

-L0ve iN ma waYs-

atleast have 5 people in this world that love you and willing to die for you,
atleast have 15 people in this world that luV you in diferenTs way,
your smile can make happiness to somebody even they dunt like you,
everynite have somebody remembering you before they sleep,
you are very `mean` in someone life...,
if not because of you, somebody cant life happily ever after,

knowing this..

somebody l0ve you more than she l0ve herself...
appreciate that before she feel doWn to make that...
l0ve her as much as you can...
give her to know what is l0ve in your way...
teaching her to make the world shine...
and make the happinest between you and her with Allah bless...
i l0ve to be ma self n i l0ve him...

-learn to `thanks`-

Life is like 1001 to cry, but Allah give 1001 reason for us to smile,but we never know we never `thanks`, we never feel disabuse,we dunt realise, juz want to smile though the bad to Allah good for us, Seldom which the bad for us that are the greatest behind Allah. we just plan what we want but Allah give us everything.